uTorrent - history of popular trekker

Today uTorrent – is a functional BitTorrent- client designed for Linux, for the popular Mac OS X platform and, of course for Windows. It works on C ++. Its main features - small size and relatively high operating speed. In 2008 more than 28 000 000 people were using uTorrent, and a year later this figure has overcome the barrier of 52 000 000 people. To date, more than 100 000 000 people have loved uTorrent and they are using this program every on their computers. uTorrent is known also as:
  • uTorrent,
  • and microTorrent.

How does it work?

uTorrent client is necessary in order to download a variety of files from computer of other users of this client. However, before you start the download process, software connects directly to the tracker (its address is located in the torrent-file). Once there was a connection, uTorrent analyzes the total quantity of the file, and provides its own address to the tracker. In response to this, torrent-client receives the addresses of other clients, who either seeding or downloading the desired to the user file. And here starts a mutually beneficial exchange of information. Further work of uTorrent is only to inform the user and the tracker about the download and at what stage it is.

How it all began

Internet from the begining was created in order that all residents of a large globe could have a unique opportunity to share any information that they want. It all started from the text messages. After some time, the network was already full of different colorful pictures. Finally, experts began to think about how to make possible for people to exchange entire files. And this problem was successfully solved, when were invented optimized FTP-servers. Exactly uTorrent was conceived as client performance. It had to have the smallest size. But also its functionality had to be limited, very ”little”. The developer of this program was Ludwig Strigeus. He started to work on this client in 2004. However, very quickly abandoned the idea. Only a year later, he decided to come back to it and to finish it. In 2005, in the month of September, uTorrent 1.1 beta was available.

Screenshot of the first version of the client Utorrent.

Utorrent скрипншот 1 Utorrent скрипншот 2

Relations with PeerFactor SARL

Ludvig Strigeus

In 2006, Ludvig Strigeus signed a profitable contract with the firm named PeerFactor SARL for a period of six months. This contract allowed the company to develop applications that will distribute content directly over the Internet. PeerFactor SARL - company that was created by the former employees of the the well-known anti-piracy firm from France RetSpan. This firm, in turn, became famous for subversive activity against P2P-networks. So once Strigeus signed contract with PeerFactor, Internet users decided that they can not trust to this torrent client. Because, it may contain a special code that tracks all user actions. In connection with this, in black list of PeerGuardian were entered such domains as:

  1. peerfactor.biz;
  2. utorrent.com;
  3. and microtorrent.com.
Strigeus tried to restore justice, because uTorrent really did not had any additional modules. However, the popularity to the tracker has not come to the point until the contract was signed with BitTorrent, Inc.

To date, the latest version of the modern torrent client Utorrent, you can download from the official site utorrent.info. Client over the years has changed cardinally, it is very possible priuspeli and you can try it out by downloading torrrent client from the official website.